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I want to thank Eric Clark for last week's Responsibility-Centered Discipline training. I didn't think that I would be very good at the Give 'em Five conversations, but I knew that I must use them and make them work out -  to prevent a nervous breakdown like I had 5 years ago after 10 years of teaching and struggling with behavioral issues in my classroom.

I can say that I made it through my first week of school this year and honestly I almost quit after the first day, I cried and cried because I went into a shock state the moment I realized what a challenge I was going to have ahead of me. It took all I had to get myself to school the next day, but I did get up and try again. The 2nd day was similar to the first and I had several supportive aids and specialist in the classroom with me all day. They were even coaching me minute by minute and I am sure they sure very highly doubtful that I was meant to be a teacher. I was feeling ashamed and went home with my head down low. Again, I dreaded going back the next day. I decided that I must finish reading the Roadmap to Responsibility book, that I started the week before when you came to the school. I pondered the whole night long about how this was going to work with me, I role played in my mind through the night. I actually woke up excited to go to school so that I could try again.

I walked into the school with my head held high and started fresh with the students. I did face challenges but I applied everything I knew. I used the Responsibility-Centered Discipline techniques in every situation and only had one that escalated to a Level 3. I sent that student to the Refocus Room.

I was able to continue my teaching with ease. The procedures and behaviors immediately seemed to get better as the day went forward. My administrator came back with the student I had sent to the Refocus Room and asked me to close with the Big 5. I told her that I was very nervous because my role playing had not gone well the week before. She assured me that she would step in and coach me as necessary.

When I stood in front of this student I realized how much I truly cared for him and how much I truly did want him back in class, I wanted him to have the chance to start over just as I had. My administrator later told me that she was so impressed by how well I did and that she was a bit nervous when I told her I was not confident in my ability to carry it out, but that I surprised her when it went so well I went home with a big smile on my face and so did this student of mine.

I couldn't wait to go to school each day after, for the first week. Things were running so smoothly and although there were many hiccups, I relied on the Responsibility-Centered Discipline concepts to get me through. I am getting better and better every time and I know that I can do this. I am truly proud of my self and the progress that was made. I wanted to share my story with you and am willing to share it with others. Thank you so much!!
Middle School Teacher
Ogden, Utah
As an educator, I got introduce to Larry Thompson, Responsibility-Centered Discipline, and Give 'em Five two years ago, and it has been absolutely life changing and transformational. I've had the opportunity to compete multiple trainings and I've benefited from direct coaching from Larry. Larry's approach has shifted the "burden" off of my shoulders and it has allowed me to effectively coach and support students and people in any interaction, especially when the nature of the exchange could be challenging. Larry's way of expressing that "there's only 100% of the problem to own" is an absolute truth and an important cornerstone (or roadblock) to building responsible young individuals. 

As parents of four beautiful children, following all of the positivity I've experienced with Responsibility-Centered Discipline, when my wife and I learned about the adaptation of these timeless principles to parenting in Larry's parenting book, we immediately ordered the book. I was pleasantly surprised when my wife dove right in and took to the methods so much so that she would challenge me on "what was the benefit and support in that last interaction with our oldest son?" or "do you have any ideas for good "benefits" for our daughter in the conversion we're about to have?" As life-long learners, we have always searched and embraced meaningful and relevant resources and methods for helping our children grow and develop into healthy, balanced, responsible individuals.

What Larry has stumbled upon (in his own humble words) and graciously shares with the world is a heaven-send to educators, parents, and now business leaders everywhere - insightful, practical, and reliable.
High School Teacher
Ft. Myers, Florida
"The steps in this process can be taught to anyone with any skill level. It can be put into practice immediately, and my teachers and staff began using it the very next day."
Curriculum Director
Crookston, MN
"As a school psychologist I have worked with Responsibility-Centered Discipline at Youthville and Hesston High School. The RCD team has implemented one of the few district wide behavior management programs that I have observed in the past 29 years that actually works."
School Psychologist
Newton, KS
"The RCD discipline system has changed our school climate. Our office referrals are down by 50% and I am having the best conversations with students and parents since I became a principal."
High School Principal
Felicity, OH
"RCD places the student at the heart of every presentation. Those in attendance walk away with practical applications to use immediately in their classrooms. You will walk away refreshed and feel great about the role you can play in the lives of students!"
High School Principal
Greensboro, NC