RCD Model School Program


RCD Schools typically see a significant improvement not only in behavior management, but also in school climate, student and teacher satisfaction and ultimately academic success.

The RCD Model School Program Requirements

  • A three-year commitment
  • Formation of an RCD Leadership team
  • Commitment to teacher practice two times a month
  • Buy-in from top down

The RCD Model School Plan

  • 2 days of initial training
  • 1 observation/coaching day in each of 4 semesters
  • 1 staff support day each semester for 2 years
    • 1/2 day observation and coaching principal
    • 1/2 day meet with RCD leadership team
  • 1 one-hour follow-up phone call with principal and leadership team each semester
  • 2 Train-the-Trainer days after year 2 if RCD has been implemented with fidelity.

The RCD Model School Program Benefits

  • Certified RCD trainers on staff
  • Improved staff morale
  • Increased school pride
  • Community recognition

Hear What Model Schools Have to Say

Proven Results!

Responsibility-Centered Discipline was created by practicing educators to address real-world situations. Although it was not created in a university research lab, the concepts are based upon sound psychological principals and the implementation data continues to offer solid evidence that the program provides significant improvements in behavior and academic success when implemented with fidelity.

See What Educators Have to Say

"This is a common sense approach with concrete reminders for the teacher. Responsibility-Centered Discipline is do-able and it is real! The training was very informational and enjoyable."
Reading Specialist
Painted Post, NY
"As a school psychologist I have worked with Responsibility-Centered Discipline at Youthville and Hesston High School. The team has implemented one of the few district wide behavior management programs that I have observed in the past 29 years that actually works."
School Psychologist
Newton, KS
"I enjoyed every minute of the training. I used the technique on two of my toughest students the next day and both were successful! I got an apology after one, and the other a handshake and a smile!"
Middle School & High School Teacher
Columbus, OH
"The best way to summarize our training is amazing. I apologize for the vagueness, but there's try no other way to describe it. Our teachers are still talking about the impact the RCD process will have. We are in our first full week of school and are already benefiting from all that we learned."
Middle School Principal
29 Palms, CA