Implementing RCD Successfully

RCD Schools typically see a significant improvement not only in behavior management, but also in school climate, student and teacher satisfaction and ultimately academic success.

A successful RCD implementation requires a commitment from administrators, teachers and all others who work with students.

Training is conducted by Certified RCD Trainers and consists of two full days of instruction. The training is usually done on-site at a school or district, but open-enrollment sessions are conducted during the summer. Each participant receives a workbook which is designed to enhance the training and to increase the participant’s retention of the material.

Staff members will explore their personal beliefs about discipline and look for solutions to improve their current use of discipline techniques. They will also dialogue with fellow participants, as they prepare to implement a consistent plan for their entire school.

The training is dynamic and participants will be actively engaged in discussing and exploring strategies as they are presented. After the groundwork is put into place, participants will begin using the skills they have learned. This hands-on learning is done in a fun and supportive manner, and is essential to preparing participants to go back to their classrooms ready for the challenges they will face.

Participants will also begin to build their own Individualized Implementation Plan to help them formulate how they will process tough situations with students. An emphasis is placed upon helping participants put the “Give ‘em Five” themes into their own words so they feel comfortable with the process.

The goal of the implementation process is not simply to impart knowledge but to help your staff to become masters of challenging moments with students

See What Educators Have to Say

"RCD gives specific ways to deal with disruptive behavior. The "Give 'em Five" support is especially helpful. I can use the strategies right away!
Classroom Teacher
Seattle, WA
"I felt like the RCD trainer was speaking directly to me. He has been in the trenches and really understands student behavior. He has give me some great strategies to take back to my school. This is the best seminar I have attended in 27 years!"
Middle School Administrator
Atlanta, GA
"The presenter did an excellent job of modeling how to handle difficult situations with students. This is the best Professional Development training I've been to in years."
High School Teacher
New Orleans, LA
"RCD places the student at the heart of every presentation. Those in attendance walk away with practical applications to use immediately in their classrooms. You will walk away refreshed and feel great about the role you can play in the lives of students!"
High School Principal
Anderson, IN