Give 'em Five™

RCD Schools typically see a significant improvement not only in behavior management, but also in school climate, student and teacher satisfaction and ultimately academic success.

Responsibility-Centered Discipline uses a “Give ‘em Five” guided conversation to train educators to incorporate five themes into their corrective conversations.

These conversations are highly personalized, because educators decide what words they will use — and the themes do not need to be addressed in any particular order. The goal of “Give ‘em Five” is to help educators feel comfortable and natural while delivering a message of responsibility. The five themes are:

  • Support
    – Use supportive statements that connect to your relationship with the student or identify a strength that she possesses.
  • Expectation
    – Let the student know the expectation you have for him in the class.
  • Breakdown
    – Communicate where you see the expectation breaking down or failing to be met.
  • Benefit
    – Tell the student how meeting the expectation benefits her.
  • Closure
    – Determine whether the situation has been resolved or whether the conversation is at a place where you can feel comfortable moving on.

The Link Between Responsibility-Based Behavior and Student Discipline

See What Educators Have to Say

"The steps in this process can be taught to anyone with any skill level. It can be put into practice immediately, and my teachers and staff began using it the very next day."
Curriculum Director
Iola, KY
"As a school psychologist I have worked with Responsibility-Centered Discipline at Youthville and Hesston High School. The team has implemented one of the few district wide behavior management programs that I have observed in the past 29 years that actually works."
School Psychologist
Newton, KS
"RCD's discipline system has changed our school climate. Our office referrals are down by 50% and I am having the best conversations with students and parents since I became a principal."
High School Principal
Crookston, MN
"RCD places the student at the heart of every presentation. Those in attendance walk away with practical applications to use immediately in their classrooms. You will walk away refreshed and feel great about the role you can play in the lives of students!"
High School Principal
Anderson, IN